Mosaics for businesses

My mosaics perfectly complement everything social - food, drink, conversation... they become talking points, providing unusual and interesting features to your interiors and exteriors. Whether tables, wall art, signage, seating, water features or something completely different a mosaic will enhance your space and your customers’ experience.

Please browse the gallery and get in touch to start discussing how a colourful, original and enduring work of art could to set your place apart.

Jamie’s Italian, Bristol: The cool, contemporary design of the interior of Jamie's Italian in Bristol includes two mosaic bar table tops, created by Felicity Ball of Felicity Ball Mosaics, especially commissioned by Jamie Oliver's design team.

This is one of Felicity Ball Mosaics' projects in restaurants. The fantastic fish mosaics in Fishers restaurants in Bristol and Oxford treat you to something completely different.

Get in touch - see what we can come up with - creating a colourful, original and enduring work of art, to set your place apart.

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